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We’re All Investors Now

In the past decade or so I’ve noticed more and more people referring to their discretionary consumer purchases as “investments”. “I decided to invest in a new couch.” “My newest investment is an xbox one.” “I thought it would be wise to invest in a new shower curtain.” I’ll see it in advertisements too. I […]

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Earning The Rent

They say land lording is unlike other investments because it requires a lot more work than just cashing a dividend check. It’s kind of like buying yourself a job. – Greater returns in exchange for a work input. At least, that’s the idea. So far, with almost three years of land lording under my belt […]

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My Rampant Consumerism

My car, while I’m happy with it, came with a rather sad stereo system that can’t play anything more advanced than a cassette tape. I mean, give me a break. In my previous car I installed an in-dash GPS/mp3 player/radio that I was pretty happy with. But it wouldn’t fit in the Jag’s dashboard. I’m […]

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