Monthly Archives: January 2013

Back Where I Started

I stumbled onto my old post about my time living in a tent in the desert and I started to think about how my life has changed since. Back then I didn’t have to work because it cost me so little to live. And now, recently, I have finally achieved that status again. My¬†land lording¬†income […]

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When I was on my cross-country train ride last August I met a couple in their early 60′s from Australia who had been retired since their late 30′s. They joined us for some wine in our sleeper car for a few hours after dinner one night. Their retirement was a result of growing a business […]

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Worry-Free Landlording

There are aspects about land lording that a lot of people just aren’t cut out for. There’s the real estate knowledge you need, the home rehab/repair skills (or at least the knowledge to know when a tradesman is doing good work or just ripping you off), and then the management aspect of working with tenants. […]

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