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I put together a little worm composter. I want to build up my garden in the next few years which means I’ve got to build up my soil. The setup is beyond simple, it’s just some plastic tubs with a few holes drilled for drainage. Supposedly the compost tea that comes seeping out the bottom […]

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Self-Watering Container Garden

I’ve wanted a self-watering container garden for establishing hedge and flower bushes for my house which, right now, is just one giant unfettered lawn with some natural forest on a couple of borders. I don’t particularly care for large lawns because when I look at them all I see is a bunch of work. I […]

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Now that I’ve quit my job, have no classes to attend, and no tests to study for, you might think I’d be grasping for things to fill my days with. In fact, between rehabbing my new investment property and finishing up some other projects around my own house, I have a full plate. What’s interesting […]

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