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House #3

About two weeks ago I walked out of my latest job and about five hours later walked into a real estate office to sign some papers and pickup the deed for my third house. It’s another bank-owned foreclosure in need of lots of rehab. It’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bath single family home built in […]

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Let There Be Light

My basement was really dark when I bought the house. I’ve been fumbling around down there with a headlamp and flashlights to supplement the one light bulb that the previous owner had down there. So yesterday I decided it was time to do something about it. I’ve never installed a complete electrical circuit before but […]

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College as an Investment

I’ve written before that I think of college mainly as a luxury consumer good and not as an investment. So this article in the Washington Times about a paper from the Brookings Institute caught my attention. The Brookings Institute wanted to answer the question, if an 18 year old had $102k in cash, would he […]

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I Quit

I put in my two week notice at my job last week. I’ve been working quiet, part-time overnight shifts at a non-profit that cares for people with mental health issues. I thought I was going to hold onto this job through the winter or so, until I had setup a couple of more rental properties […]

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Just a few months ago I wrote about how I thought my attitude towards work was more like that of a member of the upper class in the Edwardian era than that of a modern American. Just this past week two similar articles peaked my interest and offered some insight. William Deresiewicz writes of the […]

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