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When I was 15 I was at an amusement park with a friend. I was showing off to her by balancing a folding chair on my chin (do my talents ever cease?). A manager was walking up to me, “Hey, I need that chair back. But you should apply for a job. We’ll hire you.” […]

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I just returned from a two week trip where we flew to San Francisco and then rode a train across the country back to Boston. Back in January I was reading some blogs like and spent a few weeks going back and forth between forums, articles and blogs that cover using rewards points for […]

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The Trailer

After doing some research I decided to pickup a little utility trailer to help me with my rehab projects. With my first couple of houses I was borrowing/renting trucks when needed, or having to pay for the delivery of materials. While that method really wasn’t so bad, it was inconvenient and sometimes a little costly. […]

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The Bar

I took the bar exam a couple of weeks ago. The run up to it was far more difficult than the actual exam. Keeping up a steady pace of reviewing notes and practice questions night after night, not knowing what lay ahead, was more taxing than just sitting down for 12 hours and answering a […]

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