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An American Catholic

Both of my parents are Catholic. When I was a boy I was sent through the motions of church life. – Baptism, communion, confession. I was sent to a Catholic elementary school. I hated it because I had to wear a tie, other than that it was ok though. Catholics hold a ‘confirmation’ ceremony for […]

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Choosing Not To Work

Ambition is a loaded word. Its Latin origin means an “eager or inordinate desire of honor or preferment”. The word’s historical use has been mostly negative. – Describing someone who seeks only honor, money, fame or power, but with no real plan on what to do with any of those things once they’re achieved. Or […]

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House 2

I closed on house number two a few weeks ago and have been working at fixing it up. Before and after pictures to come upon completion. Once this place is rented out my gross rental income will be right around $2k/month. Taxes, the water bills, and insurance eat up about $250/month (though I pay all […]

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I’m not a minimalist. Though I look like one. I think possessing superfluous objects can improve your life, even though I don’t own any yet. I haven’t lived in the same place for more than 12 months since I was 16 years old. And when I move I sell off, give away, and throw most […]

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