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I’ve traveled a little bit. Days after my high school graduation I loaded up my bike with a tent, sleeping bag, and water jugs, and headed westward from New England. I camped out along the way, where ever I could find a spot where I thought I’d be left alone. I made it to Niagra […]

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Last Semester

I don’t much care for facebook. But it seems not being on there is like not having a telephone (I don’t care much for those either come to think of it), so I have an account that I log in to a couple of times a week. I’m strictly a voyeur. So it was during […]

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Real Estate Mogul

I’ve developed a bit of a rough, back of the envelope, 10 year, real estate investment plan. Basically, I’ve decided I want to own 5 houses. 4 to rent out, 1 for me to live in. I want to acquire them all by continuing to buy cheap foreclosures, with all cash, and rehabbing them myself into […]

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