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Turning Four

The 9th was the 4th birthday of my blog. I started writing just to keep track of my own plans and thoughts. So I could see how they evolved over time, from month to month and year to year. Financial planning, like all long-term planning, requires constant tweaking and revision. And after many iterations over […]

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Union Support

My former coworkers are on strike. I wish them the best in their negotiations and I hope they get everything they’re asking for. One thing that confuses me is the comments sections (the cesspool of online journalism) of some of the news stories covering the strike. It appears about 80% of people think the workers […]

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Big Spenders

I’m surrounded by big spenders at family gatherings. My siblings, their spouses/partners, my uncles and cousins all seem to spend at least every dime they make. The thing is, these aren’t poor people struggling to get by. The poorest among them brings in probably around $65k/year, and the others are well into the six figures. […]

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Hectic July

I’ve been a bit busy the past month or so. I’ve moved into a new space. My share of the apartment is $325/month + about $30/month for electric and probably $50-$100/month for my share of the heat bill come winter time. Internet, cable tv and free laundry machines are included in the rent. It’s in […]

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