Monthly Archives: June 2011

Nerves of Steel

An offer I made on some real estate has been verbally accepted. The closing would be in about 15 days if everything is in order (which it never is). I’m finding myself a little nervous about this one. I’m not sure why. My first house was a complete risk for me. I had no idea […]

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House #2 Search

The search for my second investment property continues. I’m putting together a cash offer right now on a $24k single family home in central Mass. It’s actually almost exactly like my first house. It isn’t pretty. It’s small with a small yard. It doesn’t have any big problems, but it has about 1,000 little things […]

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Work Ethic

The American culture loves work. It seems like a good thing for a culture to revere. If money and success aren’t enough to motivate people to get to work, well, maybe throwing in some admiration from their family and friends for their strong work ethic will help. But what does someone with such a reverence […]

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