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It’s occurred to me that I’ve now had just over three weeks free from school. And the typical American worker only gets 2-6 weeks of vacation a year. And I’ve barely begun to unwind. I mean, I could spend three weeks scaling mountains every other day and feel like I’m just getting started. – Never […]

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Mountain Tops and Camp Fires

The summer break has been in swing for about two weeks now and I’ve been reveling in it. My tenants for my first rental property are a dream. I haven’t heard a peep out of them and the checks just arrive in my mail box like magic. Meanwhile, I’ve been having a good time. I […]

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Comments Open

I initially started the blog without an audience. Not that I particularly wanted one. I was just writing to record my own thoughts. I was embarking on a multi-year financial plan and I wanted a record to see how my plans, motivations and thoughts would evolve through the process. And so the only occasional comment […]

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Above The Fray

So much of my mind this past year has been working on thoughts of the day to day. – How to shore up my finances. – Where I will be living in the near future. – How I relate with others. I have just finished my 2nd year of law school. The summer has begun […]

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The Ideal Budget

I wrote last post about possibly living on less than $500/month. I figured I could do it, but it wouldn’t be enough for hobbies and the food budget would be a little tight. So, if spending less than $500/month is not enough for me to be happy with not working, what amount is? I think […]

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The Road to FIRE

I’ve received my first rent check. It came in the mail. And it feels a little magical. I’ve managed to rent the house I spent less than $30k on for $9.6k/year. There’s no mortgage. With taxes ($800), insurance ($400), and some money put away for maintenance ($1k) and vacancies, my annual net looks to be […]

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