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The Auction

I attended a real estate auction the other day where they were offering up about a half-dozen properties, four of them I was keen on bidding on. Two were rural houses, on large 1-2 acre lots, with plenty of privacy which I would have been happy to call home. The other was a condo I […]

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The Trainyard Before Dawn

I had to get up early this morning. In an effort to reduce my commuting costs for school, I often schedule lots of those extra things, you have to sometimes do, into a single day to prevent me from having to make a special trip just to take care of some chores. But that pretty […]

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Why can’t I call someone old without them cringing? Why is it an insult? And why does everyone pretend to agree when someone says, “70!? That’s not old!” And then proceeds to tell a story of some 94 year old they saw water-skiing on a juicing-machine infomercial? People could embrace the greatness of having aged. […]

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Irrationality and Risk

One subject you can always count on to turn people into emotionally-driven lunatics, besides politics and religion, is the proposal of mandatory safety laws requiring individuals to take certain precautions to protect their own life and health. e.g. Safety belts, regulating food and drugs, mandatory gun locks, banning smoking, minimum drinking ages, mandatory safety devices […]

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