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House Photos

The house is done. It took a couple of months longer than I expected, but I came in under budget. I purchased the place in October, a bank-owned foreclosure property, for $23,000. It’s a 2 bedroom single-family home with a small yard. Over the last few months I learned a lot about construction and remodeling. […]

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Urgency And Patience

A 21 year-old man has a 28% chance of dying before reaching the age of 65. I keep that in mind when reading articles like this that argue you ought to wait until 70 to retire. I feel a sense of urgency in reaching financial independence because I don’t take living into my 70′s, 80′s […]

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Dream Job

I was in the top 5% of my high school class. I probably could have been in the top 1% or even have had a shot to get close to spot number 1 if I were inclined to give it a try. But most of the time the difference between getting a 95 average in […]

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Steal From The Young, Give To The Old

Every few months you hear about politicians suggesting raising the retirement age for social security. But most of the time they don’t suggest raising it immediately, just for young people in the future. Sure, screw anyone who’s less than 35 years old. Why not? That’s how modern America works, right? Raise the retirement age for […]

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