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It seems everyone around me, this time of year, talks about how they want to flee the north for the warmth of a southern climate. On a bone-chilling morning, when a stiff breeze dries out my nostrils, and my eyebrows feel like a roof-ledge dripping with icicles, I can momentarily understand their desire for warmth. […]

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The American Budget

Doom-and-gloomers like to talk about the train wreck that America’s future financial situation will be. But I’m not as pessimistic. The financial details and problems, as I show below, aren’t so difficult to fix. The only hard part is mustering the political will to do it. Fortunately, necessity tends to make polls irrelevant so the […]

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Free College Education

Due to new legislation it does appear that someone looking to retire extremely early, who is willing to jump through a few hoops, can essentially get a college education for free. Income-Based Repayment (IBR) legislation passed in 2009 makes it possible, if your adjusted-gross income is less than 150% of the poverty line for your […]

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I take the commuter train to get into class twice a week. Which requires, on occasion, that I intimately elbow and bump with the 9-5 professional crowd who trek into the city everyday to work their office jobs. One month of riding with this crowd, on early morning trains, would be enough to make anyone […]

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