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in 2008 I spent $24,251. In 2009 it was $23,723. Last January I predicted that this year I would spend $23,780, actually this year, in 2010, I spent $20,284. Below is a graph showing where most of it went: Apparently, I’m actually a fairly average American as the majority of my money goes to food, […]

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House Progress Report

So I purchased a house in October. I realize I’ve been short on details on the transaction so let me fill a few things in. I paid 100% cash for the property, zero financing, which made things a lot easier and faster. It’s a little 100 year old 2 bedroom in a central Massachusetts town. […]

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Half Way Done Law School

Edging up against Christmas, I just finally have finished my last exam of the semester. Now it’s just the spring to go, and then one final academic year and I’ll be through with law school. It’s too bad really, I’m rather enjoying myself. My peers all seem to be stressed out and over-worked. I don’t […]

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