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FI at 28 & ER at 31

I recently updated my about page. It formerly said that I was a 26 year old looking to retire by 34. I’ve now updated my age to 27 and my retirement to 31. Happily, the way my rental house, stock investments and school are going, I ought to be financially independent before I’m 28 (late […]

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A Year Alone In The Desert

Six years ago I dropped out of school in my junior year, bought some land in the middle of the New Mexican desert, and lived in a tent for a year. I borrowed an old truck from a new friend to bring some lumber and canvas out there so I could have a platform and […]

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Idle Kings

As I approach financial independence my mind is shifting from solving the problem of how to secure up my finances to what to do with my time. I think people who are into achieving financial independence at an early age are problem-solvers, planners and strategists. There is a joy in figuring out how to manipulate […]

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