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Homemade Cigars

I took a weekend up in northern Vermont a few weeks ago to visit some friends. I stayed over at a friend of a friend’s house and, as it turns out, he’s an enthusiastic tobacconist much like myself. He grows several varieties of tobacco, cures and ferments them in his barn, and smokes them in […]

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A House!

After over two months of shopping around I have finally got myself a house. It was a bank-owned foreclosure that I got for a paltry sum of money. The transaction was all cash so I had no need to bother with loans, closing fees or concerns about my credit report. I, by the way, have […]

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The simple solution, though it may appear to take longer than those labor-saving devices, is often actually faster. The tire on my sensibly-purchased reliable sedan was looking a bit low so I thought I ought to top it off with some air. I’d left a well-made floor, hand pump designed for bicycle tires in my […]

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Early Retirement Extreme

I just finished reading Jacob’s book from over at Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for its length. When I first held the 200+ page book in my hands, it felt about right. But then I opened and saw the tiny, tiny print stretching to the edge of each page. Jacob mentioned he did this to […]

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House Hunting Day 60ish

I have been shopping around for an investment property for over a month now. I have contacted a couple of real estate agents but all they seem to want to do is show me buildings out of my price range that are either unrentable or not in any need of rehab and that I am […]

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