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I just finished reading John Adams’ biography. I feel a kinship with the man, being that we grew up in a similar way, went to the same school, have similar scholastic interests. Adams’ pontificating on the beauty of his farm that he would ride around on horseback in his old age is particularly comforting. My […]

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Back To Class

I’ve come to fear the bulging of my email inbox that always happens this time of year as professors send off mass emails to all the incoming students. I’m afraid to open emails. They always hold assignments, or criticisms, or requests for forms to be filled out. I have yet to enjoy man’s fundamental right […]

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F.I.R.E. War-Plan

Trying to project cash-flow from building up land-lording properties is easy. You just count up the monthly projected rental-income as the properties are acquired over time. Now that I have shifted my focus to rehabbing properties rather than renting them out, projecting cash-flow became difficult. You can’t be certain how long it will take a […]

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Cashing In

Well two big long-term investments were cashed in today. First, my strawberry wine I made and bottled just about 2 years ago was finally opened. Secondly, I sold off all my stock holdings so that I will have cash to make a real estate investment in the coming weeks. I have been making wine for […]

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