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I’m thinking again of buying some rental property. I considered doing this about a year and a half ago while I was still working but I opted not to since I was so busy doing full-time school along with a full-time job. But now here I am, school only keeps me minimally busy, no job […]

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1L Done

My first year of law school is complete. I had a great time with it, as predicted. On Monday I begin my summer internship at a criminal law office. It’s going to be rough waking up at 7, wearing suits and having to shave daily. But the hope is that the job will be fun […]

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I joined a sailing club in town. So far I’ve been out on the water just a handful of times. I’d say, at this point, I’m a competent sailor, but I’m looking forward to taking some advanced classes in the next couple of weeks. Should be a nice way to spend a Saturday with a […]

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4-Day Weekends

My schedule for next fall has me only taking classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. So I’ll have 4-day weekends to do with what I wish. Of course a bit of studying will need to happen on the off days, but not much. I expect I ought to be able to squeeze most everything into Wednesday […]

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