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Managing Happiness

When you delay gratification for as long as I am attempting to, you have to be keenly aware of your mental state. I am glad that I have studied psychology and philosophy enough that I can see my mind as a subject to be studied and modified rather than a self that must be experienced […]

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The Countdown

This summer will mark the beginning of the last 5 years in my current job. 3.3 more years to finish law school and 1.3 to pick up a Masters I’m interested in getting. Sometimes I think I ought to stay on just one more year in order to get training in a few other things […]

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I spent $24,251.50 in the year of 2008. That’s about $4,251.50 more than I would like to have spent, but still not wildly off what I expected. It breaks down like this: $6,260 Rent $2,408 Education (Law School Applications / Student Loan Payments / Books) $2,331 Groceries $1,762 Cash from ATMs $1,721 Eating Out $1,034 […]

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