Monthly Archives: December 2007

End of the Year

Rumors are amidst at work about a possible forced move to the southern part of the state in the next few months. The word is that they will need 40 guys to relocate. Since I’m at the bottom of the seniority list I’d be the first to be forced. Really I don’t much care either […]

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Amateur Rocketry

After getting into robotics and embedded systems programing lately I stumbled across a website of amateur rocketry. There are people who get together, mostly in the American southwest, and launch these giant ten to thirty-foot rockets that reach the edge of space. So, of course, my imagination has gone wild and I think another hobby […]

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Toiling Minds

As I left class last week I peeked into the dorm rooms I was passing. I do that every night as I leave. That night though I caught a glimpse of a particular young undergrad hunched over his desk with his fist clenched in his hair in a pose of earnest concentration. I immediately thought […]

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