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Real Estate

After murmurs from my parents about charging me rent in order to sleep in my room I went about perusing the classifieds for cheap apartments. After not finding anything within a price range I found acceptable I reluctantly resigned myself to having to throw some money at my mother and father. But then it slowly […]

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“I Wouldn’t Know What To Do With All That Time!”

Fools! “I wouldn’t know what to do with all that time!” Is a fairly typical response I get when I mention to people at a party or wherever that I have plans for extremely early retirement. And these aren’t even people who like their jobs. It appears they just aren’t sure how to occupy themselves […]

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The Hour

The Hour – Michael Lind Maybe the moment recurs daily at six, when commuters, freed from the staring computers, elbow and bump in unsought intimacy on a station platform with you, and frustration rots what is left of your strength. Maybe the hour comes after dinner, when televised laughter seeps from a neighboring room; maybe […]

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I smoke from time to time. Some might call me a casual smoker. I prefer the term ‘seasonal smoker’. Mostly on nice summer afternoons on front porches is when I get the urge to have a puff. Oh and how glorious it is. Lately, because of all the guys at work smoking, and visiting my […]

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My total investments in stock as of now are just over $4,000. It is diversified into S&P 500 tracking index funds and Asian index funds. The Asian move was to try to play the falling dollar as well as the booming Chinese economy. So $4,000 after just over 7 months of work. Not too bad. […]

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