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Guaranteed 2,200% ROI

So about 3 weeks ago I went to the grocery store and bought over 50 cans of frozen juice concentrate. Today it is actively fermenting in the corner of the kitchen. I’ve got strawberry, red grape and a peach that will all be delicious wines soon enough. The price? Less than 50 cents a bottle. […]

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I was bemoaning to a friend about how difficult small tasks are for me. Now, be forewarned, what follows will sound completely ridiculous to anyone who has ever encountered any kind of actual difficulties in their lives. I was going on about how completing an essay for class was just some unattainable herculean task. I’d […]

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The Motorcycle

What a great investment I made. Back in July I decided I ought to be in the market for a motorcycle but only after running some numbers. Allow me to share. First I broke down the costs to a cost-per-mile (CPM) figure. Here is what I came up with: Car CPM: $0.24 Motorbike CPM: $0.1218 […]

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I┬áhad quite the day last Thursday. First off, I was suspended from work for doing some ‘messy’ wiring. Never had any verbal or written warnings or even a mention of the neatness of my work. Then, out of the blue, the boss calls me in and says I’m taking an unpaid day off. The nerve! […]

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