Monthly Archives: September 2007

Getting Too Ambitious

Now that I’m back in school my mind is all a-twitter with possibilities. Still a year away from graduation I’m looking into graduate schools and the possibility of law school. Then, something happened at work, the boss claims I’m being ‘messy’ with my work. The nerve. Though it turns out, after reviewing how some other […]

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Spending Too Much

So I scored a well-paying job about six months ago and I’m trying to save every dime so I can ‘retire’ early. By that I mean have enough money to pay for food and shelter and a minimum of entertainment so that I will be free to pursue my interests without being hindered by a […]

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Back to the Books

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit too ambitious I think. The thought of attending law school has crept once again into the far corners of my mind that I retreat to in day dreams. I’ve considered law before, quite seriously, several times and here I am again. With graduation from Harvard only one year and one […]

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I have a small alarm clock that wakes me on days I have to work. It’s one of those types that’s automatically set via a radio signal to the official US time kept by the navy’s atomic clocks. More importantly it has a serene beeping alarm sound that wakes me in the morning. It’s very […]

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