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I went to school for 2  1/2 years right out of high school. I studied classics. During junior year I started spending a lot of my spare time studying computer science. I was absorbed by it. To add to it classes started getting frustrating. Issues that had been resolved freshman year were being brought back […]

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Yeah, we’ve got that.

Last Thursday I was a little careless at work. I had some fine crafting to do with my fingers that required the concentration of a surgeon so I sat down in the grass and proceeded to tie a piece of glass to a piece of string in such a way so that neither would break […]

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Last weekend I headed out to New York City to visit my new friend, Kirk, who I met hiking last weekend in the white mountains. I was looking forward to a nice short ride on my motorbike down to New York but the rain wasn’t going to stand for that so I wound up taking […]

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Weekend Fun

Last weekend was jam-packed. On the way home from work on Friday afternoon I stopped in to visit a friend who lives directly along my daily commute. He gave me a beer and we shot the breeze for a bit. Then it was home to do a quick load of laundry, shower up, and head […]

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